Introduction to ASB-Manchester

This one day course is designed for new entrants to the sector mainly starters with community safety partnerships, housing officers and contact centre staff.


Its aim is to provide delegates with an understanding of what constitutes Anti-Social Behaviour; what measures can be taken to address it, the impact on individuals & communities and the importance of good record keeping in this area of work.

Delegates will be taught to recognise the impact of problem ASB to an individual or community including an understanding of the measures available to tackle the problem and to recognise the severity of some forms of ASB and be able to prioritise a response; specifically:

  • Identification of the different forms of ASB
  • Obtaining relevant information and responding appropriately
  • Identification and understanding of the different measures to tackle ASB, both informal & formal
  • The contractual nature of the Conditions of Tenancy
  • The nature of general nuisance
  • The nature of targeted nuisance
  • The vulnerability to Anti-Social Behaviour of certain groups
  • The corrosive impact of Anti-Social Behaviour on neighbourhoods
  • The severity of some forms of Anti-Social Behaviour
  • An understanding of the debilitating impact of repeat Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Identification of when there is an escalation of Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Recognition of when an Anti-Social Behaviour case should be referred to partner agencies such as the Police or Local Council
  • The role of partner agencies

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Fees are £99 plus vat for members and £125 plus vat for non members