Working with Young People and Gangs- Manchester 07/08/19


Course Summary

This course is an introduction to understanding what gangs are, understanding why young people get involved in gangs, and how you go about tackling the wider issues attached such as county lines, knife crime and Serious Youth Violence.

Course Content
Participants will get an overview of gangs, including county lines and serious youth violence, as well as look at determining the drivers of why young people get involved in gang, how taking a Public Health approach has greater long term success than enforcement approaches and the importance of contextualised safeguarding and working with young people within this agenda. Here are some key headings for the course:

  • Understanding the national landscape
  • What is a gang and the triggers of gang involvement
  • Explore how gangs might be affecting your area
  • How this links to Criminal Child Exploitation (CCE) and Child at Risk of Exploitation (CRE)
  • Look at some principles of engaging with and preventing gangs
  • Implementing the Serious Crime Strategy to tackle Serious Youth Violence
  • The need for a multi-level partnership approach to develop local solutions and reduce serious youth violence where you are

For further information click here: Working with young people and gangs  ( Enthusiasm Trust)

Course fees are £149 + vat for members / £175 + vat for non members. For more information or to book please contact