Announcing Baroness Newlove as patron of Resolve


We are extremely proud to announce Baroness Newlove as a new patron of Resolve. 

Baroness Newlove lost her husband 12 years ago after he stepped outside his own home to speak to some youths who were acting in an 'antisocial manner' and was brutally murdered.  Consequently, former Victims’ Commissioner, Baroness Newlove is extremely passionate about tackling antisocial behaviour and her last public speaking engagement as Victims' Commissioner was at the Resolve Conference in April of this year.  Throughout the last 12 years she has campaigned tirelessly to highlight the importance of tackling antisocial behaviour early and for it not to be downplayed and treated as low level.  

On 26th June 2019, Baroness Newlove and our Chief Executive, Rebecca Bryant OBE, took to the fringe stage at the CIH Conference in Manchester to discuss ASB and knife crime.  This was then followed by an interview with Lucy Meacock which aired on Granada Reports.  This can be viewed by clicking the following link: -

The problem of antisocial behaviour is vast, people are feeling very unsafe in their own homes and the recent period of austerity has seen an increase in cuts to services. Consequently, there is now a need to work harder and become more inventive in how we intervene.  Antisocial behaviour can be a precursor to serious crime, Rebecca Bryant OBE stated that “nobody is born with a knife in their hand”, individuals do not become a serious hardened criminal overnight, this takes time, so we need to intervene early to challenge and change behaviour.  It is vital that it is tackled quickly and effectively to protect the vulnerable and ensure residents feel safe in their own home and local community