Dispersal Order restores peace to troubled flats

Police and Council officers in Hounslow have collaborated effectively to combat ASB which had tormented residents in two Council housing blocks due to drinking and drug-taking.

Using powers under the ASB Crime and Policing Act (2014) a dispersal order was introduced in and around the blocks between 19 and 21 February 2016.

Before the order came into effect, the youths were warned about the action, which prohibited two or more people from loitering within the dispersal zone, using posters in and around the blocks.

The order saw police responding quickly to complaints of loitering by residents, as well as confiscating items associated with the ASB. Anyone asked to leave the area was not permitted to return within 48 hours. By doing so, they could face further police action.

By day three of the order, the blocks were once again a safe place for residents, who could come and go without the fear of intimidation they had previously faced.


To read the full press release from L B Hounslow click here